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At 17 years old, sure of my vocation for fashion, I go to Yves Saint Laurent where I learn the hard school of workshop work: I realize canvases, patrons and I sew. At the same time I prepare my diploma at the Parisian couture union.

In 1978, I was lucky enough to get an appointment with Hubert de Givenchy who hired me after seeing three of my drawings. I stayed there until 1989 as an assistant for his haute couture collections and Prêt à Porter. It is with M. de Givenchy that I understand that fantasy is easy and less important than perfection and simplicity.

After my departure from Givenchy, I wrote two books: a very beautiful album on the history of the Paquin house and a book on the secret of refinement personified by one of the most elegant women of her time: Jacqueline Delubac.

Hanaé Mori, famous in Japan and Paris, is looking for a designer for her collections of haute couture and ready to wear, I accept this challenge and collaborate with her for five years.

1996, I decide that the time has come to open my own sewing house in an old theater that I have restored and which is next to the red mill.

In July 1997, I was accredited by the very selective federation of Parisian couture for parade as a "guest member", the same year the Japanese department stores DAIMARU signed a luxury ready to wear license with my creations sold in several corners In name of the decor imagined by Andrée Putman.
2003, the Ministry of Trade and Industry assigns me the name "Couture Création" and quotes me to "l'Ordre du Mérite".

Since then, I continue to privilege certain clients to their requests for creations reserved for them, I collaborate with different museums like the Lama in Los Angeles and the NGV of Melbourne who acquired my collections of old robes and accepted my donations ...

Today I decide to share my knowledge of the history of haute couture.

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